Life can be uneasy. Your beauty care doesn't have to be.

Wildly Free was founded with the principle of mindfully creating products with purpose that enhance and encourage without limitations or judgment, through safe and effective beauty care with a sincere consideration of our planet and all that inhabit it. We are a brand on a mission to uplift others through our experiential beauty options, accessibility, diverse representation, community involvement, and our impactful initiatives.

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"Soap Box Brows by Wildly Free is the perfect brow enhancer for a few reasons: 1. Its travel-ready size to keep in my purse, 2. It’s made of ingredients I know and trust, 3. After application it keeps my brows shaped and fluffy all day long! So easy to use with or without makeup or microblading."


"The product works very well all day long. It's lightweight with an awesome strong hold. I'm very impressed so far. It lasts me from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm when my day ends!"


"My brows have always had a mind of their own with a coarse texture. I was so surprised by how Soap Box Brows tamed them with a hold that lasted for hours. As a non-binary person, I appreciate achieving well-groomed brows without having to wear makeup."

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