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M P.
Soapbox brows


Kim S.
Love this stuff!

I support local when I can and this soap is amazing. Shapes my brows without being stiff. Still soft and stay in place. Highly recommend!

J. D.
Love it!

The perfect soap brow! My brows are thinner/more sparse but they also can't be shaped for anything. Soapbox brows brings definition and allows me to actually shape them. I also love that Wildly Free prioritizes amazing non-toxic ingredients and sustainability.

Reba R.
New SOAPBOX Brows convert alert!

I've been on the hunt for YEARS, looking for the perfect brow product. I was wary to stray from my brow gel comfort zone, but my tried and true brand discontinued their product and I felt like I was rudely broken up with. Wildy Free's SOAPBOX came into my radar, and not only had a product with clean ingredients and cruelty-free production, but came from a queer woman owned business. Happy to support this business, with the best my brows have ever looked. Thank you :)

Sarah E.
Love this!

I love it so much! My brows can get pretty wild, and Soap Box Brows is a dream come true. It’s easy to use and washes off easily. The product doesn’t flake off or get funky throughout the day like a lot of brow gels I’ve tried. It’s definitely become part of my everyday routine, even when I’m not wearing makeup.