Mission + Values

Wildly Free participates in dismantling the concepts and constructs of traditional beauty standards. They continue to hold a mirror of accountability in shifting the narrative of historically exclusive marketing within the beauty and wellness space- in addition, offering safe multi-use products that are less harmful to people and our planet.

As a brand blended with a passion for people, and our planet, Wildly Free stirs both love and integrity into each thoughtfully made product combined with innovation, a dedication to safe ingredients, and prioritizing sustainability.

We do our best to devote our time and energy to the well-being of our planet, and all inhabitants of it. We will continue to integrate a dialogue around our values and mission to steer clear of unaligned partnerships, and to amplify the priority of our commitment to always advocate for fairness, justice, and equality! 
We pledge to continue taking action for the well-being of all people and communities, which includes making all and any necessary changes in order to continue being an anti-racist, equitable, and diversely represented business. This, combined with our core values, we hold ourselves accountable to create the changes we wish to see in this wild world! 

Please view our Commitment to Diversity + Inclusion statement.

Wildly Free is proudly a queer woman-owned business.



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