Our Mission

Wildly Free was founded with the principle of mindfully creating products with purpose that enhance and encourage without limitations or judgment, through safe and effective beauty care with sincere consideration of our planet and all that inhabit it. We are a brand on a mission to uplift others through our experiential beauty options, accessibility, diverse representation, community involvement, and our activism initiatives.

We do our best to devote our time and energy to the well-being of all humankind, our planet, and all that inhabit it. We will continue to integrate a dialogue around our values and mission to steer clear of unaligned partnerships, and to amplify the priority of our commitment to always advocate for fairness, justice, and equality! 
We pledge to continue to take accountability towards all people and communities by making all and any necessary changes in order to continue being an anti-racist, equitable, and a diversely represented business. Please view our Commitment to Diversity + Inclusion.

Wildly Free is a brand of thoughtfully made products with a dedication to safe ingredients, transparency, authenticity, and sustainability. 

We love to stay on the forefront of green innovations. If you have an idea on how we can do more to improve environmental impact please contact us

Wildly Free is proudly a queer womxn-owned business.